Temperature Humidity Test Chamber,Environmental chamber, Humidity test


Temperature Humidity Test Chamber,this environmental chamber is a conditioning unit can simulate temperature and humidity conditions for electronics, LED etc.

Internal capacity: 100L to 1000L

Model no.:  L-T series  /L-TH series

Temperature range:-70℃ ~180℃

Humidity range:20% – 98%RH (10%RH for optaional)

Ramp rate: 1℃/min, 3℃/min,5℃/min,10℃/min can be designed as per requests

Specifications for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, Environmental Chamber

Model L-T-100 L-T-225 L-T-800 L-T-1000
L-TH-100 L-TH-225 L-TH-800 L-TH-1000
Capacity 100 150 225 408
Temperature range Type 20: -20℃~+150℃, Type 40: -40℃~+150℃,Type 70: -70℃~+150℃
Temp fluct./ deviation ±0.5℃  /±2.0℃
Humidity range/ dev.
(For TH model only)
20%~98%RH    ±3.0%RH(>75%RH),±5.0%RH(≤75%RH)
Heating time -20℃→+150℃, -40℃→+150℃ ,-70℃→+150℃
Cooling time ’+20℃→-20℃≤40min  (No load, average cooling rate is: 1℃/min)
Fast change rate: 3℃/min, 5℃/min etc. can be done according to the requests.
’+20℃→-40℃≤60min   (No load, average cooling rate is: 1℃/min)
Fast change rate: 3℃/min, 5℃/min etc. can be done according to the requests
’+20℃→-70℃≤90min   (No load, average cooling rate is: 1℃/min)
Fast change rate: 3℃/min, 5℃/min  etc. can be done according to the requests.
Internal dimension
400*500*500 600*500*750 1000*800*1000 1000*1000*1000
Internal dimension
850*1500*1620 1050*1500*1870 1450*1800*2120 1450*2000*2120
Control method Balanced Temperature (Humidity) Control Method
Enclosure Colour coated sheet matel
Internal Stainless steel SUS304
Insulation materia Hard urethane foam + glass wool
Heater Nichrome Electronic Heater. Heater control mothed: PID + SSR contactless control
Fan Centrifugal fan
Cooling method Mechnical single stage refrigeration system, Air cooled system (For type 20, type 40).   Cascade refrigeration system, Air cooled system   (For type 70)
Compressor Hermetically sealed compressor
Refrigeratant R404A(For type 20, type 40) / R404A/R23(For type 70)
Displayer 5.7″ or 7″ touch screen programmable controller
Running method Program running, fix running
Setting method Touch screen
Program capacity 120 patterns. Max. 999 segment max. per patterns. 99 times repeats
Display resoluation Temp:0.1℃;Time:0.1min, Humidity: 0.1%RH    时间:0.1min;
Input RTD100
Control method PID, Balanced Temperature Humidity Control
Water supply method Water pump
Water quality Deionized water or distilled water, resistance>500Ω·m
Auto-feeding Auto-feeding available, feed water quality: Dimineralized water, feeding water pressure: 0.2~ 0.4MPa
Power supply AC220(±10%)V  Single phase + E, 50Hz,   AC380(±10%)V  (50±0.5)Hz  3 phase +N +E
Standard accessories Test hole (Φ50 or Φ100 ) 1pc,Specimen holder 2 sets, Timer 1pc, Power supply cable, 1pc
Safety protection devices Leakage breaker,Over heat protector,Fan over heat protector,Compressor over heat protector,Compressor over pressure protector,Phase Error alarm, Water low protection (For TH2 model only)
Remarks:  1.Above data is measured under ambient temperature is  25℃, relative humidity is 85%RH, without specimen, and keep two hours constancy temperature.
2.Except the above specifications, all non-standard requirements can do according to customers specified requirements.
3, Manufacturer has the right to change the above data without noticed.

Environmental-chamber-compressorRefrigeration system

  • Modular design, reliable quality, easy maintenance
  • Welding vibration line using silver solder with silver content more than 45%, improve reliability and decrease leakage.
  • Pure copper pipes and special design evaporator and condenser
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges are installed
  • Refill port for easily maintenances and service

Walk-in-chamber-programmable-controllerProgrammable touch screen controller

  • 5.7 inch or 7 inch TFT color LCD display
    999 programs capacity, 99 segment per pattern, and 99 times loop function.
  • RS485 communication interface, controller can be fully compatible and controlled through computer, communicate software will be provided
  • Graph display function
  • SD memory card, max. data storage capacity is 750 days by default (sampling interval is 5min)

Graph & Recording function

Graph recording and reviewing, enable user to monitor the testing status clearly.

Powerful programming capacity:
Pattern & Segments: 120 pattern / max. 1200 segments, max.999H 59M 59S can be set.

walk-in-chamber-controller-Computer-communicationComputer controlling complicable

RS485 communication interface, controller can be fully compatible and controlled through computer, communicate software will be provided

After communicated with computer, the controller can be fully controlled, edited, monitored on remote controller.


Paperless recorder (Optional):
-Brightness and clarity display,
640*480 TFT-LCD, 256 colors
-Touch screen display
-Fast record data search
-Provous data search during recording
-Convenient message function
-High quality and function stable
-Build-in chamber ability

T/S Signal

Specimen power supply control terminal, T/S signal control
T/S signal control available for specimen power supply

Adjustable build-in over temperature protection



2.1 Installation site conditions

Install this test chamber in a place which satisfied the following conditions

2.1.1 Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature range: 5~35℃;
Humidity range :           ≤85%RH
Atmospheric pressure:     86~106KPa;
Air quality:    Haven’t high concentration dust and corrosive gas
Floor requirements:    Flat, level floor with good ventilation
Space requirements
For the purpose of future easily ventilation, operation and maintaining, please install the test chamber according to below space requirements:
It needs space more than 800mm from 4 sides of test chamber.
It must have sufficient access space to ensure the door can be opened. Please do not put any objects on the front side of door, as the hot steam may damage the objects.

2.2  Power supply

2.2.1  Power supply
Check main power supply for the equipment (the diameters of electrical wire, power switch etc.) comply with below requirements:
Frequency and fluctuation: 50±0.5Hz;

2.2.2  Ground wire
Connect the test chamber to ground can avoid electric shock and reduce the noise caused by improper running.

2.2.3  Connect power supply cable
Connect the mains power supply cable of test chamber to the external electricity power supply (Check the phase consequence, current, and power consumpation clearly before connection).

3.1 Does your factory has the ability to design according to different specifications?

Yes, we can design the walk in chamber which exactly meet your test requirements, including temperature and humidity, weathering etc.

3.2  In order to get the chamber which meet my requirements, which kind of requirements I should pay attention to?

In order to design the walk in chamber which exact meet your requirements, please let us those requirements at least:

Internal dimension, or specimen dimensions, temperature range, humidity range, ramp rate (if applicable).

3.3 What’s the lead time?

Normally, for a walk in chamber,the lead time is 2 month after deposit received.

3.4 What’s kind of payment method you accepted?

In our factory, the payment term is T/T 30% downpayment before production, and T/T 70% before shipment. If different payment method required, please contact with our sales.

3.5 What’s kind of price term I can work with you?

We accept EXW, FOB Guangdong, CIF destination port.

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