With professional and experienced 10 R&D team, if you want to find a environmental test chamber manufacturer, and you need any custom items, our engineers will work closely with you to make certain your specifications and exactly met. Our engineers has been work in the field of environmental simulation and reliability testing for over 10 years, professional both on electrical controls, structure, refrigeration system design.

Why Buy an Environmental Test Chamber from LABTEK?

LABTEK manufactures environmental test chambers,climatic chambers, temperature chambers, and humidity chambers for a wide range of environmental test applications. Floor standing type, Bench top type, walk in series are available. LABTEK makes the process of purchasing an environmental chamber easy by including the most frequently requested options in a standard unit for optional price. If any special size or special test performance needed, just tell us your requirements, we will design for you specially to make sure the chamber is exactly what you need.

Optimal performance, reliability and service ability at an attractive price.

We designed and manufactured our own brand of environmental test chambers based on our 10-year experience of selling reconditioned environmental chambers. Our engineers and technicians have had the unique opportunity to evaluate and solve the performance, reliability, and user interface issues of chambers from every major environmental chamber manufacturer.

LABTEK environmental test chambers combined the latest advanced technology in refrigerant, insulation, heat-exchanger, construction, and microprocessor controller. The distinctive styling will be a welcome addition to your lab. Combine this with ease of use, reliable performance, fast delivery, our 1 year components warranty, and a variety of standard features at an attractive price. It all adds up to the best value environmental test chamber you can buy from us!

1. Warranty & Return Policy

2. Statement of warranty

LABTEK warrants all the products manufactured by LABTEK to be free from defects of components under normal use for a period of 12months after the date of the original purchase.

LABTEK’ warranty covers only the product components themselves; LABTEK will assume no liability for labor costs, installation costs, or other losses.   Within one year warranty period, if any parts failure is occurred, customer need send the detailed pictures and phenomenon description of the broken parts to manufacturer, manufacturer will send new parts free for replacement with freight collected.

After one year warranty period, manufacturer needs to provide new parts (with billing) for replacements with freight collected.

In case of breakage

Customer must report any damage by sending digital photographs (.jpg) of damaged items and detailed phenomenon description email to:  sales at labtek-inst.com. Customer must retain damaged merchandise, packing and shipping containers until claim has been settled.Damage in transit is the sole responsibility of the carrier, and any claims beyond this 3 day period will not be deemed valid by Labtek.All claims regarding shipment error must be made within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise.

Return policy

Returns must be first acknowledged by Labtek. Before returning, please contact the related sales person in charge, or by an e-mail to sales at labtek-inst.com . All packages sent to LABTEK must have the initial sales invoice number issued and printed clearly on the outside for return.

3. Spam Policy

At  LABTEK, we are fully aware of our responsibilities as honorable Internet citizens, and we maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE Spam Policy accordingly. We are highly sensitive to the privacy of and are dedicated to protecting the rights of all Internet citizens. We vigorously oppose the sending of unsolicited e-messages (Spam) and will make every effort to enforce our strict Anti-Spam policies.

All the customers from worldwide are warmly welcomed to negotiate with us about the Agent/ Distributor agreements:


  • 1. Registered company and person.
  • 2. Experienced in marketing, installation,maintenance and repair of environmental test chambers.
  • 3. Can achieve our sales goal.


  • 1. Best competitive price for our agent.
  • 2. Mark or link the agent data in our website and other marketing documents.
  • 3. More flexible before and after-sale service.

Matthew USA

  We just finished testing of your chamber, it can achieve -70oC easily, the chamber with excellent performance. 

Santos Poland

 Our clients quite happy with the chamber, with very good structure and user-friendly controller, appearance is pretty nice. It’s really a good demo for other customers’ reference.         

Antonio  Belarus

Though your price isn’t the lowest in the market, we are always happy with quality.


This walk in chamber looks in first-class. It can meet our extremely strict inspection standard. We just tested, and functioning very well.

Lee Korea

Your price is very competitive in my market. After check your chamber, all of us quite like your chamber design and performance. We want to work with you in long term.