Nowadays many Chinese factories contacted me, I can get more than 10 emails marketing email everyday. I tried to get price from one of them, their price is much lower. Someday I placed a trial order to them, it’s a nightmare for me. After one month of the chamber was installed, my customer complained that the water is leaked, my service engineer repaired it well, few days later, my customer complained that the coontroller didn’t response, we have to change the controller. Then I backed to Labtek, happily their chamber is stable, and only few problems occured of all my purchases.

Though price isn’t the lowest, function is stable.

I am the freshman of environmental chambers. When my customer sent me an inquiry, lots of terms I were not understand. Thanks for patients from Labtek, especially Sherry, Engineer Wei give me big assistant, they answered my phone call even at mid night. Of course, my customers get immediately response, and my customers trust me as I have a strong support from Labtek.

I trust Labtek because I am always can get immedaitely response!

This is the custom-design environmental chamber I procure from Labtek:
Specifications for 2m3 Temperature Humidity Test Chamber:
Internal capacity: 2m3
Temperature range: -40C to 150C
Humidity range: 20% -90%

I am happy to work with Labtek