Environmental chamber, Benchtop Temperature Test Chamber

Wide range of environmental chambers to help you to simulate the extreme environment.

Within full range of products around us, the first priority people cares about is safe and reliable. Environmental chambers produced by Labtek can help you to simulate full range of extreme environment like temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration and more.

Equipped with CNC Punching machine, CNC Bending Machine, CNC Shearing Machine, we control each production process by ourselves.We design, manufacturing full range of standard environmental chambers, including benchtop environmental chamber, industrial oven, thermal shock chambers etc.

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Environmental Chamber

  • 1700L-Temperature-Humidity-Vibration-chamber
  • 512L-Temperature-Humidity-Vibration-test-chamber3
  • Thermal-Shock-Test-Chamber-Whole-View-Labtek
  • Altitude-chmaber-Hypobaric-chamber1
  • Thermal-Shock-Test-Chamber-3-Zone-feature
  • Thermal-shock-test-chamber-2-ZONE1
  • Walk in temperature test chamber
  • Benchtop-Environmental-Test-Chamber1
  • Environmental-chamber-Temperature-Humidity-Test-Chamber1
  • Environmental-chamber-Temperature-Humidity-Test-Chamber2
  • Environmental-chamber-Temperature-Humidity-Test-Chamber3
  • Vibration-Temperature-Humidity Combined-Environmental-Chamber2
  • Fast-rate-temperature-test-chamber1

Looking for an environmental chamber to get extreme weathering stimulation? 

Manufacturers always needs an environmental chamber to test the safety and reliability of their products. Labtek can produce a wide range of Environmental Chambers with good quality, Temperatures range as low as -70°C with high temperatures to +180°C and humidity ranges from 10% to 98% RH. Test chamber sizes include: Benchtop chamber, Floor standing chamber and big walk-in / build-in chamber.

Except Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, also lots of weathering simulation test chamber available, including thermal shock test chamber etc.


I trust Labtek because I am always can get immediately response!

Labtek-environmental-chamber-Customer111I am the freshman of environmental chambers. When my customer sent me an inquiry,lots of terms I was not understand.Thanks Sherry, Engineer Wei,they answered my phone even at mid-night. Of course, my customers get immediately response, they trust me as I have a strong support from Labtek.     Andrew, LVS, Belarus

Though price isn’t the lowest, function is stable.

Labtek-environmental-chamber-Customer-Customer-222I have worked with Labtek 3 years.Many factories contacted me those days, someday I placed a trial order to one of them for lower price,it’s a nightmare for me.After one month of chamber installed, my customer complained the controller didn’t work,we have to change the controller.Then I backed to Labtek, I like their quality and services. Antonio, Clima Services, Russia



Looking for a non-standard environmental chamber?

Our professional engineers and sales are always ready to help you and design the suitable item as per your specified requirements.

What can you get from us?

Quality environmental chamber is our endless pursuit. Use the original world first-class brands of component is the core of good quality.

We know the feelings of a chamber is shutting down suddenly, we are one of the victim of unstable function components.

Tell us your temperature, humidity, ramp rate requirements, our engineer will custom-design exact as per your requirements.

Please whatsapp us, or call us directly for immediately reply and solution including chamber’s operation, installation, maintenance etc.

We are eager to hear from you. Any feedback about price, quality, installation, service etc., appreciate each of your valuable feedback.

Timely delivery is our principle. Calibration tests, ageing tests will be conducted carefully before packaging.

Different combination for temperature range, humidity range, pressure, UV, Infrared lamps, Xenon lamps etc. design available.

You are the most smart business person, you know clearly that quality products with competitive price is the core of business.



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Simulate 4 seasons extreme weather by a single chamber and simple settings.